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Effective Corporate Strategies for Building Knowledge Management Performance

knowledge management

Corporate Strategy Development  

Executives are familiar with Alfred Chandler, one of the more prominent strategic management scholars, along with Henry Mintzberg. Chandler perceives corporate strategy as the determining factor behind a firm’s long-term goals, after which you allocate capabilities and adapt actions & activities in a fashion that can achieve them in both an effective and efficient way.

Predicting future crisis through change-pattern recognition


Change, in all of its forms, is certainly an inherent feature of societal development. As well adapted as we might be to our surrounding environment and habits this is, nonetheless, a temporary situation that is either in the course of changing, or is about to change. Understanding and predicting change is as important as handling it and controlling its outcomes. Predictive analysis in times of crisis becomes the lifeboat that will safely carry its passengers ashore.


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