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A touch of technology in… sports!


KPIs in football

Talking about KPIs in football is not as unusual today as it used to be years ago. Now, sports clubs focus on all sorts of strategies for measuring and improving performance. Players are monitored at all time and results are given according to the measurements, thus enabling the team managers to adopt one strategy or another. It is highly advisable to monitor the activity of players in order to keep track of the evolution of the team. KPIs are fundamental in a sports team in many respects and this is to be understood in the following lines.

Key performance indicators for professional athletes


KPIs for athletes

People are driven by ambition and this means that they want to become better at what they do as time passes. In order to be the best at something, you have to start by monitoring your performance and then find ways to improve it. But the key is the measurement: you have to know what to improve, meaning you have to set goals and then attain them, one by one.

KPIs in football – How do they work?


football KPIs

A recent article published in The Guardian was related to KPIs in football. What might all that be about? Measuring performance in football? How do you do that? Well, for starters, it’s all about establishing a set of goals that players must achieve in order to gain financial rewards.

IBM solutions – bringing tennis game experience and performance closer to fans during Australian Open 2011


Today, information technology solutions can shape and influence the world of sport in a way never seen before. Hundreds of metrics, statistics and rankings about players and teams performance during games or even entire competitions are now available at a “touch of a button”.


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