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What makes you happier – buying or doing?


HappinessIt’s payday. The decisions you make today might have an influence over your state of happiness, as numerous studies have shown. Buying experiences and making memories – such as going on a trip, make you happier than buying material possessions, despite many people frequently considering the latter of a greater value. Hence, you might have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

Performance in adulthood: between evolution and stagnation


Adulthood is generally characterized by maximum work capacity and pursuit of adaptation. Human being accomplishment is fulfilled by full intellectual and physical maturity, and biological factors provide an essential contribution to human being development. R. Mucchielli, in his work, “Caractères et visages, divides the sub periods of adulthood as follows:

  • First adulthood (35-45 years old);
  • Second adulthood (45-55 years old);
  • Extended adulthood (55-65 years old).

The first job: a challenge at all levels


The first job: a challenge at all levels

The social integration of young people represented no considerable problem in the previous centuries, as intermediary stages existed, such as the apprenticeship, which evolved under conditions of severe tutelage by adults. Towards the end of the last century, things changed dramatically. Visible mutations of the individual role and statute determined the reconsideration of the primary values and understandings of human condition. Youth has established itself as a distinct period in the social life and the specific problems have been amplified, creating the so called “crises”. As a consequence, young people suffer the most, as they are strongly aware of the contrast between reality and desideratum.


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