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Monitoring Healthcare Information Systems with Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring Healthcare Information Systems with KPIs  

Throughout the years, the healthcare industry has become increasingly more complex due to technological and medical evolution and, as a result, it is characterized today by an overwhelming amount of information. Therefore, hospitals require an efficient information system that will enable the proper management of all these requirements.

KPIs for Legal Departments


Legal KPI

Legal departments provide important support services for a company by handling legal issues that range from drafting waiver forms for employees to handling lawsuits from angry customers. Internal legal services should make sure that all documents signed by the company are in accordance with its interests and compliant with the latest legislation.

Total Quality Management – a means for improvement


Total Quality Management

Customers’ increasing demand for superior quality products and services has made the market a very harsh environment. Organizations are looking for new ways to improve themselves in order to survive on the market and maintain their competitiveness. Therefore, continuous development has become a priority. In this environment, Total Quality Management (TQM) is an important and useful concept. It helps the organization assess its level of maturity in terms of quality assurance and it provides information about the areas that need improvement.

Performance Management in a creative environment: KPIs used in Arts


KPIs used in arts

Similar to the typical business environment, the field of arts is also interested in Performance Management, in implementing different standards and performance indicators that range from public appreciation to the artist’s investment in a project. It is an efficient way to bring improvement into an art organization’s performance, in the quality and diversity of its products, in the engagement of the audience and in the artist’s individually.


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