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Innovation in big data


Innovation in big data

During the past years, a new information source has become increasingly important to achieve success for companies worldwide. This new information source is represented by large data sets, recently named big data. The increasing volume and the sheer detail of this information available with the rise of technology and social media makes analyzing big data a mandatory prerequisite for companies that want to establish themselves on the global market.

Customer satisfaction apps – the “key” to the future?

Customer Satisfaction Application Nowadays, instead of using the old-fashioned customer satisfaction questionnaires, companies have a new choice: the emoticon-powered feedback app. The service, available to businesses, was created by a Spanish Startup called Emtrics in 2012 and it was announced during the Wayra Madrid Demo Day. It allows companies to collect real-time feedback from their customers, at their point of sale locations. It was already in use during the Demo Day: by using QR codes, the technology allowed investors to show their opinion regardingthe “new product”.

Customer satisfaction surveys – measuring performance with apps


Customer satisfaction apps

“Your most unhappy clients are your greatest source of learning”. Bill Gates

Performance measurement has long been an issue of concern to all companies that aim for a respectable status in the business world. Whether they use traditional methods like hard copies of surveys that are meant to evaluate certain aspects of the company’s activity and meetings with both employees and customers alike, or modern methods that use technology at its best, companies are always striving for perfection in their field.

Interpretation goes beyond words at EU level

Interpretation SCIC Net performance

DG Interpretation, also known as SCIC (Service Commun Interprétation-Conférences) is the interpreting service and conference organizer of the European Commission, but the interpretation provided actually goes beyond the needs of the Commission, as it ‘serves’ the requests of several other bodies within the EU: the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of Regions, the European Investment Bank, as well as a number of European Offices and agencies in the Member States. The truth is there’s more here than meets the eye.


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