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Posts Tagged ‘Government – State / Federal performance’

The 2013 Mayor’s Management Report – New York City

Performance Management New York Section 12 of the New York Charter prompts the Mayor’s office to present the City Council and the general public with a biannual performance report. The report is an overview of the performance registered from a total of 44 agencies and organizations, and focuses on a list of activities which have a direct impact on the NY people.

Performance Based Bonus – Philippines Government


Performance Based Bonus – Philippines

Before 2012, the Philippines Government rewarded employees from the board uniformily, regardless of their performance. In time, this approach proved to be limited in terms of motivating employees and stimulating progress. Therefore, an initiative to promote a performance and result oriented culture was implemented – The Performance Based Incetitives System (PBIS). 

5 trends in the USA Federal Performance Management


USA Federal Performance Management

Trust in provincial, local and state governments has gradually decreased during the last decades in the United States of America. To address this issue, The USA National Performance Management Advisory Commission introduced, in 2010, a Framework for State and Local Government. With the help of this framework, State Governments will focus more on achieving results and providing quality public services to regain the citizens’ trust.

How the CIA analysts are trained


How the CIA analysts are trained

The Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis was created in 2000, in order to address the Agency’s analytic weaknesses, being meant to enable intelligence officers to work in cross-component teams and to increase their analytic depth and improve their expertise in producing finished intelligence analysis. It was named after Sherman Kent, a leader in developing the profession of intelligence analysis, who also had a great impact in turning DI into what it is today.


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