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From fashion design to annual report design: Inditex Group, the owner of Zara


Performance Report Inditex

Reporting performance has been associated for a long time with negative feelings, as both managers and employees have linked it with the consequences of not meeting targets. For some companies reporting performance is just a regulation imposed by financial authorities, while for others is a way of communicating and gaining trust of stakeholders.

Shoe design in the context of mass customization


Shoe mass customization

In today’s business world, enterprises have to meet the advanced demands for greener, more customized and higher quality products. This means they have to focus on smaller and more specific market segments of customer oriented products. Mass production is turning into ‘mass customization’, which can be defined as offering customized goods at a price close to that of mass production.

Performance management in fashion


Fashion Performance Management

When someone hears the word ‘fashion’, he or she automatically thinks of skinny models, catwalk, glamorous life, maybe eating disorders, shallowness or why not, money. But, as usual, there’s more here than meets the eye.

What people seem to forget is that in order to have a (successful) collection, some bullet points need to be ‘checked’. A lot of people are involved, from designers to manufacturers, models to managers and sales persons, for instance.  Just like a very complex, well-oiled machine. The fashion industry is just like any other industry. Brands have to be creative, to impose themselves on the market, to attract clients and to sell their products.


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