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The exit interview


The exit interview is a traditional practice that is found in all companies and it is a very important part of a human resource management in order to follow the employee retention and satisfaction. It is strongly recommended to identify the causes that lead to the departure of an employee from an organization.

Surveying employees’ opinions: the USA Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey


Survey importance

Acknowledging employee feedback regarding their activities is an important element in increasing organizational performance. The USA government is committed to making such an annual assessment of its federal employees’ opinions. The tools has proven to be highly efficient and helpful both for leadership and staff.

Best practices in conducting employee surveys



Employee satisfaction and employee engagement are aspects that organizations focus on and try to assess in order to determine how employees feel about different issues related to the organization, its activities and their own job, issues that employees would not otherwise point out due to fear of compromising themselves or losing their job. A useful tool that can help managers look into employee satisfaction levels and collect information in this respect is the employee satisfaction survey.


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