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The cost of doing business in over 90 cities around the world


The ease of doing business in over 90 cities in the world

Starting a new business is hard when trying to achieve success, especially if you are planning to start in a new city. The final outcomes can be influenced by the business nature and its goals, the cost of living in the chosen city and the ease of doing business.

Weighing the decision requires a larger amount of information. In order to help entrepreneurs, 3 studies that may help in making a more accurate decision are presented below.

Global economic shift – three significant factors



In today’s world, we often talk and think about an economic shift. But what does that really mean?

It mainly means that the economic power is passing from western countries to eastern countries. Managers have started to invest in countries like China and India. Investors are moving their central offices to countries in the East. The economic momentum lies in the hands of developing countries now. While the financial crisis raised questions regarding the general power of the USA and the EU, eastern countries have continuously developed.


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