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KPIs in the UK Chain Hotels Market


Hotel KPIs

A recent benchmark report published by HotStats offers an overview of the UK hotel market one year after London has hosted the Olympics. Over 600 hotels in the UK have been benchmarked against 6 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provides a clear picture of the current status of the hotel industry in the United Kingdom.

The chosen KPIs that were measured and provided the data for the benchmark report are:

  1. % Occupancy – Measures the percentage of occupied bedrooms from the total available bedrooms during the reporting period;
  2. Average Room Rate (ARR) – Measures the total bedroom revenue obtained in the period divided by the total number of bedrooms occupied in the reporting period;
  3. Room RevPar (RevPAR) – Measures the total bedroom revenue obtained in the period divided by the total number of rooms available in the reporting period;
  4. Total RevPar (TrevPAR) – Measures the combined total of revenues divided by the total number of available rooms in the reporting period;
  5. % Payroll – Measures the percentage of the payroll for all the hotels included in the samples from the total revenue;
  6. GOPPAR – Measures the Total Gross Operating Profit for the period divided by the total available rooms during the reporting period.

The hotels in London are facing an expected decline following the Olympics last year with the capital showing negative year-on-year results across the majority of KPIs, expect occupancy. In comparison, the hoteliers from the provinces experienced positive year-on-year performance and recorded positive results in all the measure KPIs.

Hotel KPIs

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