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KPI of the Day – Marketing: # Brand image index

brand image


Provides a rating of the brand image on a predefined scale, based on customer surveys.


To indicate brand image quality and awareness. A brand with a good image is likely to sell more.


Brand image, in general, bears a strong influence on consumer behavior. Purchasing choices are commonly based on the client’s perception on a brand as a result of past interactions with it (directly through consumption or indirectly through advertising).

Brand image can be defined as the sum of all customer impressions and attitudes with regards to a specific brand. The brand image index is based on survey questions and does not yet possess a standardized format.

Thus it may incorporate questions targeting the assessment of a great variety of brand dimensions such as brand attributes, associations, values, personality, recognition, awareness, response, resonance, value, equity, quality, knowledge and recall among others.

Furthermore, the index is not only a valuable indicator of brand loyalty, brand advocacy and brand selection behavior, but also a powerful forming tool of positive results in these areas.

Given its complexity, this index analyzes customer responses based on rationality, emotion and sensorial perception, thus often being unpredictable and fluctuating.

Some recommendations aimed at optimizing this index include the following:

  • Regularly updating the brand image index results, because, while for some customers, brand image is stable and tends to remain unchanged throughout time, for others it is highly dynamic;
  • Either delegating a specialized firm to assess this KPI for benchmarking reasons, or making sure of using the same or similar questionnaires for comparable historical results over time;
  • Building the brand image by offering cognitive, emotional and sensorial experiences.

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