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HR Summit and Expo 2012 – Dave Ulrich on Future of HR


HR Summit and Expo 2012

The first morning of the HR Summit and Expo 2012 attracted over 400 participants in Dubai, UAE. Many of those were especially interested in Dave Ulrich’s full day presentation. With over 200 articles and book chapters, as well as over 25 books published, he has come to be known as “the world’s most influential international thought leader in HR”, as named by the HR Magazine in 2011.

Dave Ulrich combined his wealth of knowledge around the evolution of human resources (HR) with insights around into HR’s future, all packed with a humorous and interactive presentation delivery style.

Some of the key discussion points were:

  • How do you build a company inside so that you succeed on the outside?a topic which is extensively covered in Dave Ulrich’s latest book, “HR From The Outside-In”
  • The evolution of HR – the summit participants with over 25 years of HR experience shared their ideas around what is new in HR compared to when they started working. Their remarks included social media, HR as creating change and preparing organizations for change, and HR becoming more proactive. Dave Ulrich also mentioned four stages in the evolution of HR: administrative, functional, strategic and outside-in
  • What’s in the future of HR? – while over the last 20 years HR has become more strategic, we are now heading into the outside-in HR, where HR is looking “through the window of strategy” to identify solutions inside the company, based on the needs and interests of stakeholders such as customers and shareholders. This was a recurring theme throughout the rest of the summit, many other speakers having had emphasized the importance of a similar approach to employee engagement
  • Anticipation in HR – is the most advanced level of customer engagement (following transaction, service and partner); it requires HR professionals to look at both the context of the business and the stakeholders of the business.
HR Summit and Expo 2012 - Practical applications of HR outside-in
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