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Google Analytics: Revamped



First, what is Google Analytics all about? The core activity of the site is that of monitoring how many visitors a website receives, by providing elaborate statistics. It also provides a great number of tools to choose from when customizing a website. Moreover, the platform can turn out to be even more valuable for those users who have display ads and want to know exactly how popular they are.

Thanks to Google Analytics, data evaluation has become a reality for a large number of people (which keeps increasing, according to their data), especially in the past few months. By making the interface user-friendly, simple and accessible (well, who would rather have complicated and difficult-to-use metrics?), they basically took advantage of marketing opportunities like no one else.

Now, Google Analytics has been improved. The revamped GA has some new, useful features, which can be found in its customizable dashboards. These features allow users to monitor their goals, while also being able to deal with great volumes of information.

A very helpful feature: the dashboard service, which allows step-by-step statistics monitoring. The dashboards can create extremely complex data and present it instantly, in a simple visual. Just a few examples might include commerce dashboards that allow users to view revenue together with page views and keyword sources, load time, user response time and many others.

Although the dashboards were introduced in 2011, they have evolved over time, now being more customizable and having more features and more accessibility than at the beginning. Actually, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as Google has always been in line with changes, improvement and best practices.

According to the official Google blog, “the dashboard is the first thing you see when viewing your reports. Dashboards in the new version of Google Analytics have been redesigned to be completely widget-based and highly customizable.”


Image Source: Social Media Today

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