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Gender diversity – global trends and the influence on organizational performance


Gender diversity

Over the last decade or so, there has been an increased focus and debate on gender diversity of top executives and managers of corporations. This was caused mainly by the low proportion of women reaching top positions (Grant Thornton, 2009), despite the proved positive effect of gender diversity on organizational performance (Smith et al, 2005).

Davis Cup playoff – a “real KPI” test for the Australian tennis squad


Davis Cup KPIs

Tennis has become in the last decades an increasingly popular and competitive game throughout the world, mostly because of the increased media coverage and large  money prizes that are nowadays in stake. In a recent article published in The Sydney Morning Herald announcing the upcoming Davis Cup playoffs, it is acknowledged that there has been an explosion of nations with talented players and that the tennis competitions have become much tougher than it was 20 years ago.

Employee productivity measurement


Employee productivity measurement

A recent blog post, Employee engagement and organisational performance’, outlined the approaches used by researchers to assess employee engagement and performance. The post concluded that as organisations show the relationship between engagement scores and bottom-line outcomes, everyone pays attention to the engagement index. Establishing this critical link between people and performance helps HR professionals prove that people-related interventions are a worthwhile investment (, 2010).

Individual performance management and the use of metrics in the world of scientific research


Individual performance management

In a recent blog post, ‘Metrics in science – Performance Measurement and the world of scientific research, we have outlined the most important performance measures for the scientific field as presented by the researcher Richard van Noorden (2010) in the weekly international scientific journal ‘Nature’.


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