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Social media and its impact on your business


Social media impact on businesses

Along with the technology age came the wave of social networking. And just how big is the wave in fact? How much do our daily activities depend on this flow of unrestrained Internet connections? People all over the world have begun to use the social networks available right from their beginning and today we find ourselves in a world were Facebook or Twitter are a common topic of discussion, no matter the context. Moreover, people are starting to replace the human relationships with the virtual ones, thus leaving themselves in the position where they cannot face the world unless via Internet.

What drives a company’s success?


Success Strategy Direction Development

It is interesting to observe different companies striving to reach their destinations. And above interest, this presents a great opportunity to assess other companies and their way of handling issues, thus benefiting from a chance to compare one’s company and strategies with another’s.

Business philosophy: Ten things we know to be true


Business strategy at Google

Every company is based on a philosophy that expresses the essence of it. Google is one of the companies that has succeeded in achieving great acknowledgement for its work, based on an initial well-established philosophy. Starting as a merely small idea between two students at Stanford University in the year 1998, Google is now a multinational corporation that specializes in Internet-related services and products.

Henkel’s strategy: Outperform. Globalize. Simplify. Inspire


Henkel’s strategy

Four key concepts that the team behind the Henkel name have defined in order to ensure a successful implementation of their new strategy. Their main goal at the moment and for the years to come is to become a global leader in brands and technologies. Henkel was founded in 1876. Since then, the company has occupied leading positions in the consumer and industrial businesses with brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. With over 46.000 employees worldwide, the company is highly focused on achieving results in all departments, thus being categorized as one of the most aligned German-based companies in the world.

Google Analytics: Revamped



First, what is Google Analytics all about? The core activity of the site is that of monitoring how many visitors a website receives, by providing elaborate statistics. It also provides a great number of tools to choose from when customizing a website. Moreover, the platform can turn out to be even more valuable for those users who have display ads and want to know exactly how popular they are.


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