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“How many people are completely comfortable with calling themselves a leader?”

This is the main question that Drew Dudley is asking all across the country in order to see how many people from the audience will raise their hand. And then he realized that a huge portion of the gathering won`t put up their hand because of their understanding that leadership is something bigger than us.

What does leadership mean to us? We`ve taken the title of “Leader” as something that one day we are going to deserve, being uncomfortable to assign ourselves this title.

After 10 years of work, Dudley achieved to redefine leadership in a way that made him happier.  In this entertaining presentation, he calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act on improving each other`s lives.

This talk is a must see if you want to find out what is a lollipop moment, and if you ever produced one of these moments. A lollipop moment is the occasion when you made somebody`s life better without even realizing it.

Marianne Williamson said, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, and not our darkness, that frightens us.”

Change your mindset and start to:

  • Get over your fear of how extraordinarily powerful we can be in each other`s lives;
  • Value the impact we can have on each other’s lives more than money, power, titles and influence;
  • Create and acknowledge lollipop moments.

Leadership is not something bigger and beyond us and as long as we make it about changing the world, we give an excuse not to expect it every day from ourselves and from each other.

Drew Dudley believes leadership is not a characteristic reserved for the extraordinary. He works to help people discover the leader within themselves. His interest in developing people’s leadership began when he was the Leadership Development coordinator at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. In 2010 he founded Nuance Leadership Development Services, a company that creates leadership curricula for communities, organizations and individuals.

Watch this incredibly entertaining TED Talk and find out how to better develop your own leadership skills.

Video source: Dudley D. (2010), Everyday leadership, TED Talks

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