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How AI is Already Central to the Biggest Companies




AI has become a massive buzzword over the last few years, and part of the reason for this is its increasing utilization by the most powerful corporations on the planet. We’ve already shown how it can greatly impact some of the key processes within your business and how some companies are already offering consulting services on the adoption of AI.

Now, it is time to look at how some of the biggest players on the planet have decided to go about working with this new tech. Household names such as Apple and Amazon have already enthusiastically embraced the artificial intelligence revolution, and this has already led to some highly recognizable AI-related brands becoming part of the public domain.


Apple’s intelligent personal assistant is already one of the most recognizable examples of artificial intelligence. All over the world, consumers and Apple fans interact with this voice-activated computer system, in order to make using Apple products more convenient and intuitive.

Siri helps millions of Apple users locate information, access directions, add events to calendars, and send messages to clients, friends and family. Siri is also utilizing machine learning technology in order to become more efficient over time.


A major rival to Siri is the Alexa system pioneered by Amazon. Alexa has been particularly praised for its ability to understand speech, and has already been incorporated into many people’s homes via the Amazon smart speaker system.

Smart homes may have seemed like something out of science fiction until quite recently, but the reality is that Alexa has played a major role in popularising and spreading such technology. We can expect Alexa to be a fixture in the homes of the future, and indeed this technology is already being included in some new-build houses.


The electric car manufacturer Tesla has been one of the most disruptive companies on the planet over the last few years. And thus it comes as no surprise that the corporation is already intimately involved in the AI revolution, via driverless vehicles.

Tesla’s cars are known to be the smartest in the industry, thanks to the company’s artificial intelligence technology, and provision of over-the-air updates.


The highly popular video site Netflix already responds to its customers’ behavior by using predictive technology. Netflix analyses billions of records of data collated by the company in order to suggest movies that you might enjoy based on previous choices.

This system also utilizes machine learning, which ensures that it is becoming smarter and more intuitive in its suggestions as its dataset grows.


This learning thermostat is now owned by the behemoth that is Google, with the corporation having purchased it for $3.2 billion back in January 2014. It has since integrated this technology with the aforementioned Alexa, meaning that it can be voice-controlled.

The Nest system utilizes behavioral algorithms in order to predictively learn from your heating and cooling behavior, ensuring that your residence caters for your needs. Other products are also included in the Nest portfolio, such as proprietary cameras, providing an attractive package for consumers.


From its investment in Alexa, Amazon has also produced a transactional AI system, which has played a central role in the company becoming the world’s biggest retailer.

These algorithms become ever more intelligent, so Amazon is able to better understand what consumers are interested in, and thus make intelligent suggestions regarding future purchases.

The company continues to expand its AI operations, and these will undoubtedly play a major role in Amazon’s operations going forward.

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