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A partner in action – KPISOFT


Performance management has seen quite the overhaul in recent times. Going from once-a-year reviews to monthly or even weekly check-ups, this field of expertise has matured significantly. But such a bold transition requires appropriate tools to get the job done properly, and KPISOFT – an expert on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) instruments, is here to deliver after 11 years of extensive research and continuous development.

If your organization seeks to be on top of the game and a leader in its industry, it requires an effective and well-balanced set of EPM tools, which look at building an information-based system that plans out your enterprise’s resources according to its vision, strategy, goals and objectives, seeking to build this as a governance and organizational development catalyst.

But what exactly makes EPM solutions worthwhile?

Well, for starters, it emphasizes strategic planning and budgeting, integrating data for decision-making, measuring, analyzing and predicting organizational performance. Afterwards, another key couple of factors are being both cost-effective and flexible, as a one-size-fits-all model does not work any longer in this day and age. With all these in mind, company vision, values and objectives must stay true to their purpose, so as to ensure maximum effectiveness from these instruments – one wouldn’t want to invest so heavily into perfecting one’s enterprise and forgetting this detail along the way.

Taking all these into consideration, what makes KPISOFT’s tools real game-changers?

  1. Innovative user experience

Greatly customized with today’s popular social networking apps’ vernacular, their EPM solutions ensure a smooth, user-friendly learning curve, keeping individuals actively engaged.


  1. Enhanced connectivity

Another extremely beneficial aspect is the ability to connect “pieces of performance value chains of a disjointed organization under one platform, further adding an aligning model that reduces clutter, duplication and complexity”.

“The more aligned, connected, engaged and driven the people of the organization are, the more organized, agile, and competitive the organization will be”, states Katsu Takahashi, Executive Director at KPISOFT Japan.

  1. Performance On the Go

The company’s EPM model concentrates on four pillars: alignment, coaching, collaboration and calibration. As such, employees must be able to constantly review their progress and performance levels, to make sure they are on track. KPISOFT delivers yet again – their solutions allow members of staff, with the aid of supervisors, to regularly check up on current headway through scorecards.

What’s more, if most companies crumble when faced with massive mounds of data, the same cannot be said about KPISOFT’s data engine. It can easily integrate and consume any volume of business data, in real-time, crunching and delivering relevant and accurate insight of both business and operational performance, on the fly.

As an example, key performance metrics related to sales and service can be updated automatically, on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that any fluctuations can be measured and reviewed as many times needed.

Furthermore, taking it up a notch, users can also update performance-related data on their mobile phones, through notification requests for updates, offering managers an astounding amount of visibility when it comes to deciding on review frequency and needs. And as a cherry on top, employees can freely boost their in-house connectivity levels by sharing the insight they receive from managers to others who might find themselves in similar situations. Sharing is caring, especially when done by diagnosis and benchmarking.


Adaptation, Unlearning and Altering Trends

In order to stay ahead of the curve, one needs consistency and most often than not, courage. And that’s KPISOFT is all about. Continuously engaging in a process dubbed “unlearning”, this company will not rest on its laurels, recently releasing a push content hub platform, which has seen great success worldwide.

“We are investing heavily in mobile technologies and advanced analytics models to constantly get better, real-time insights. We believe this will be the future of work.”, Naveen Deshpande, Executive Director at KPISOFT San Francisco.

As a steadily increasing number of requests for the company’s performance management app started building up, so did KPISOFT’s efforts to deliver. Now, focusing on people, operations and corporate aspects of performance, clients worldwide can rejoice in the fact that they now have a streamlined solution which further adds value to their companies.

“As purveyors of next generation people and organizational performance management application, we feel deeply responsible to simplify and provide meaningful performance engagement, promoting greater well-being for organizations and humanity at large”, Ravee Ramamoothie, Managing Partner, KPISOFT Singapore.

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