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Organisational performance

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  • Do we really need organizational performance management to generate improvements?

    Do we really need organizational performance management to generate improvements?

    Performance management, at least at the employee level, has received serious criticism from multinationals such as Microsoft, General Electric, Adobe, Goldman Sachs Group and Google, in the past 5 years. The traditional ranking system and KPI measurement used in the appraisal process provided little added value for the organization, for managers or for the individual. […]Read More »

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  • Good Ethics make Good Business

    Good Ethics make Good Business

    “An organization formed without ethics is like a cabin built without nails: no matter how solid it may appear, it will slowly crumble.” – The Institute for Global EthicsRead More »

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  • Academic Interview: Carmine Bianchi

    Academic Interview: Carmine Bianchi

    In 2018, the Performance Magazine editorial team interviewed Carmine Bianchi, Professor in Business & Public Management at the University of Palermo, Italy. His thoughts and views on Performance Management are presented in detail below. Measuring performance is important, of course, but if you do not communicate what you’re measuring or the results you’ve obtained, or […]Read More »


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