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Posts Tagged ‘Women in Management’

Fitting jobs to people, not people to jobs at the Annual HR Directors Business Summit 2016


The PERFORMANCE Management team was present at the HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, United Kingdom, between 2 – 4 February, 2016. Consequently, the insights gathered from experts present at the event had been gathered and exposed here, in a series of interviews and articles.

Men versus women in top management


Men versus women in top management

Firm performance can be measured in so many ways and according to so many factors. One of these factors may be gender and the issues linked to it in the business world. The long-discussed problem of women entering the business world and occupying a wide range of positions that are generally thought as masculine, appears to reach now a common level of understanding. Companies are now displaying encouragement for female candidates to apply to vacant positions and the response does not fail to emerge. More and more women now hold important positions in the hierarchy of a company, thus creating confidence for others to follow.


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