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Talent Management and Baseball Metrics


Talent Management Performance

Talent management is an important function of the Human Resources department, concerned with attracting, developing, engaging and retaining productive employees. Using metrics to monitor HR departments has been practiced for a while and ensuring high performance talent management can become an important competitive advantage for a company. But what do baseball and talent management have in common?

Personality vs. Portfolios: The Best Performance Predictor


Personality vs. Portfolios

Do thick CVs predict performance, or describe a precedent?

When looking to hire, Human Resources specialists and managers will look to the best fit between the candidate’s offer, his CV, background and achievements and the job’s requirements. It’s the natural string of events, taking into account urgency and the need for workforce.

Long term performance through Talent Management – Dell case study


Talent Management – Dell

Sometimes, companies overlook the human resources function in their attempt to become market leaders. This is a crucial mistake, as long time performance and brand recognition are built with loyal, hardworking and motivated employees. Understanding that employees are the most valuable asset of a company is only part of the solution. In order to ensure growth and stability, companies need to actively implement Performance Management Systems that emphasize Individual Performance, Talent Management and Succession Management.


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