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Strategy Formulation: Emirates Identity Authority Strategic Plan 2014-2016


The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is an independent federal authority in the UAE that was established in 2004. EIDA’s main purpose as a governmental agency is focused on “the establishment of a modern population register in order to facilitate the obtainment of government services as well as to provide the required information for supporting decision making, strategic planning and the allocation of sources in all vital sectors in the UAE”, as documented on their website.

Strategy and execution in organizations


Strategy and execution in organizations

Strategies, decisions, choices, visions, implementation. These concepts are found in every organization’s vocabulary. However, not all organizations understand the full meaning of the terms, thus resulting a series of unsatisfactory outcomes. Richard Rumelt, in his book Good Strategy / Bad Strategy, talks about the way leaders of organizations misinterpret the meaning of strategy: “Leaders are misleading people (…) They are using this word, this concept, and are not delivering on it.” It is crucial to comprehend the terms and separate them in order to successfully develop and implement an idea in an organization.


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