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Posts Tagged ‘Sales and Customer Service performance’

What it takes to be a great sales manager


Sales manager qualities

A great number of articles in the recent press publications discuss the idea of great sales managers. They all focus on listing tips, solutions and methods to use in order to become a successful sales manager. Being a sales manager implies having great responsibilities like making sure the team they lead is reaching the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets. Along with this responsibility, they have the moral obligation to coach and motivate every member of the team, as well as possessing the knowledge on ways to develop the business and execute successful sales strategies.

Is performance pay linked to increased productivity?


Performance pay

Typically, having employees’ productivity assessed against agreed benchmarks enhances managers monitor if the personnel is meeting the expectations set. As a consequence, the workplace performance influences employees’ payments: increased productivity leads to higher financial benefits, while low productivity attracts reduced levels of the salary.


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