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Top 15 most common mistakes in Performance Measurement


Mistakes in Performance Measurement

Companies strive to decrease costs by improving performance with their available resources. This leads to the need for measuring performance through strategic measurement systems, based on tools like balanced scorecards, key performance indicators or dashboards. But with measuring performance there comes a questions: what guidelines should be used when defining and using metrics in order to avoid mistakes that seriously impair the usefulness of these tools? 

Talent Management and Baseball Metrics


Talent Management Performance

Talent management is an important function of the Human Resources department, concerned with attracting, developing, engaging and retaining productive employees. Using metrics to monitor HR departments has been practiced for a while and ensuring high performance talent management can become an important competitive advantage for a company. But what do baseball and talent management have in common?

11th HR Metrics Summit 2014, USA – Day 1


11th HR Metrics Summit 2014

The 11th HR Metrics Summit took place at the Embassy Suites Orlando Downtown between the 24th and 26th of February 2014, assembling experts and executives from cross-industry HR departments who analysed methods of validating the HR’s role within an organization and the development of strategies for resolving company and industry wide challenges.


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