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Good environmental performance


Environmental KPIs

The Industrial Revolution has had a great impact on modern society and its development, but also on nature. Apparently, all good things must come with a price: our lives have become easier, but our planet’s not. So, the downside is the fact that the environment has had a lot to suffer in these past years, mainly because of greenhouse emissions, water waste, soil contamination, habitat destruction and resource use. Unfortunately, these examples are only the tip of the iceberg.

Milton Friedman, Interface and performance ecosystems


Performance ecosystems Performance Architect update 40/2011

There is widespread awareness today about the climate change and other environmental issues we are facing today at a global scale. In a simplistic way, I would categorize companies in three categories: the ones that don’t care, the ones that do something about it and the ones in the middle.

Biodiversity, sustainability and performance


Biodiversity Sustainability Performance Performance Architect update 39/2011

Although widely unacknowledged, as declared by the United Nations, 2010 was the international year of biodiversity. It was meant to raise awareness in the fragile state of many species of plants and animals around the world and mobilize in safeguarding biodiversity.


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