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Documentation Forms

We provide professionals and companies that are interrested in creating an adequate performance management framework examples of KPI documentation forms used by different organisations around the world.

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  • Treasury Board Office, Ontario

  • Performance Measurement: Phase II — “A Framework for Action.”

    The report encompasses 32 Technical Worksheets with detailed descriptions and implementation information to assist hospitals in implementing 20 performance metrics and 12 operating standards.

  • Federal Aviation Administration

  • Performance Measure Profiles (Portfolio of Goals)

    The performance measure profiles are grouped under the Destination 2025 strategic goal that each measure supports. Each profile describes the measure and how it is calculated, explains its importance, and reports the target and the FAA’s performance on the measure during prior years.

  • The global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues

  • Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting

    A comprehensive reference aimed at helping company sustainability managers, communications professionals and environmental, health and safety or socio-economic specialists develop corporate-level reports for internal and external stakeholder audiences.

  • The global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues

  • Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting

    The second edition of the report was published in December 2010 and is widely used across the oil and gas industry to guide the content of sustainability reports.

  • U.S. Department of Energy

  • Implementation Guide – Performance Indicators, Aviation Management and Safety

    This Guide provides information which is intended to be useful in understanding and implementing performance indicators.

  • European Science Foundation

  • Indicators of Internationalisation for Research Institutions: a new approach

    The Forum on Indicators of Internationalisation was established in 2010 in order to design a common set of indicators to support strategic thinking of research institutions. They have elaborated a conceptual framework and have proposed seventeen indicators with according examples, to confirm their feasibility. Each indicator is described and detailed specifications are provided.

  • NSW Health system’s

  • Asset Management and Maintenance KPI’s

    The report highlights a series of asset management and maintenance Key Performance Indicators for measuring performance within the NSW Health system’s assets. A template for data collection and data element definitions are provided for stage one KPIs.

  • Local Government Wales

  • Public Accountability Measures Guidance (PAMs) 2014-15

    Provides a set of indicators, compared to a set of key outcomes, which reflect the local authority’s performance. After presenting the focused set of indicators, detailed definitions for each of the measures and detailed definitions of Performance Indicators profiles.

  • Health Service Executive

  • 2012 KPI Guidelines and the 2013 KPI Template with guidelines

    These documents provide a guide to data collection, including information such as: definitions, reporting frequency and data source, which are essential to data quality, accessibility and records management.

  • Health Service Executive

  • Scottish Power Case Study

    For preventing incidents and promoting organizational development, case studies are being elaborated by COMAH. Their purpose is explaining the processes companies have undergone, in order to establish suitable performance indicators for their safety management systems.

  • World Bank

  • Monitoring Performance of Electric Utilities: Indicators and Benchmarking in Sub-Saharan Africa

    ESMAP’s monitoring and evaluation system has been developed to assess their effectiveness in providing analytical services, technical assistance, capacity-building and project development to client countries. The purpose is helping their clients achieve energy security, address energy poverty, and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

  • The University of Western Australia

  • Key Performance Indicators

    The key performance indicators that are presented in this section provide a means to assess the University’s performance in relation to its services and resultant outcome.

  • Health Information and Quality Authority

  • Guidance on Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Minimum Data Sets to Monitor Healthcare Quality Version 1.1

    This new report is the updated version of the original document, published in September 2010. This 2013 version provides additional clarity on some elements of key performance indicators. KPIs promote accountability to service users, by facilitating comparisons with other organisations, and to stated objectives or targets of an organisation.

  • Queensland

  • The Hospital and Health Service Performance Management Framework

    Built to meet the expectations of the population of Queensland, the Queensland Government adopted the framework in order to promote improvement and offering valuable health services. This report provides a good example for defining, reporting and measuring practices, with a focus on performance.

  • Enterprise Architecture Management KPIs

  • EAM KPI Catalog

    Created to enable enterprise architects to measure and track goal achievements, this report compiles 52 key performance indicators (KPIs) discovered and applied in industry projects or documented in relevant literature. Providing management goals, KPI templates and a user’s guide, the catalogue is an apt instrument for both practitioner and academic audiences.


  • Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Management

    The report provides supply chain management stakeholders with a resource that describes how outsourcing could be used in public health supply chains, when to consider it viable, and how to implement the process.

  • Treasury Board of Canada

  • Using External Service Delivery Key Performance Indicators

    This usage guide has been prepared primarily to assist organizations that are using external service delivery KPIs and provides for identifying and describing specific implementation details for data collection, usage and implementation guidelines, initial processes and approaches for consistent use of external usage KPIs.

  • Education KPIs

  • Indicator Handbook for Primary Education: Abridged

    Part of the toolkits provided through the EQUIP2 series, meant to improve the quality and availability of information, and enabling for system performance and learning outcomes measurements, the Handbook presents educational indicators that are commonly used in international organizations. The indicators provided here are defined in terms of purpose, data source, comments, limitations and trends, and are chosen to provide quantitative, objective, verifiable means for measuring progress.


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