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  • Terms of disengagement: too many rules in the office

    Terms of disengagement: too many rules in the office

      In many cases when measuring organizational performance, companies tend to focus solely on the financial perspective, setting objectives such as “Achieve profit growth” (measuring it through $ Gross profit margin, $ Net cash flow, or similar indicators) or “Maintain …Read More »

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  • Practitioner Interview: Gunnulf Rasmussen

    Practitioner Interview: Gunnulf Rasmussen

    In 2018, the Performance Magazine editorial team interviewed Gunnulf Rasmussen, Group Vice President at Corporater, Norway. His thoughts and views on Performance Management are presented in detail below.Read More »

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  • Seth Godin: The tribes we lead

    Seth Godin: The tribes we lead

    “Find something worth changing and then assemble tribes, then spread the idea and that idea becomes far bigger than ourselves, that becomes a movement!”Read More »

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