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Seth Godin: The tribes we lead


“Find something worth changing and then assemble tribes, then spread the idea and that idea becomes far bigger than ourselves, that becomes a movement!”

Marketing, online or offline, public relations, communication, graphic design, programming and many more resources are being invested by every company, eventually aiming at selling their products. Which is not bad!

However, the means chosen for so many years, and by so many people, are making us all wonder how long it’s going to take for us to keep doing the same tasks over and over again and, more importantly, whether this is the right way of doing things.

In this inspiring Ted Talk, Seth Godin, entrepreneur and blogger, gives us a hint on how things should be pushed forward and what it takes to be a leader, assuming the role and making a change that matters for an impressive amount of people, not just for a handful.

“The tribes we lead” highlights an unconventional point of view about the leaders and their movement. The innovative, creative, unsettling minds continuously “try to change everything, try to find the piece of the status quo, something bothering, something that needs to be improved.” This can be a long-term process, and it is based on the transformation that takes place, from the “before” context to the “after” one.

As an example, Godin talks about Michelle Kaufmann – “architect, designer and advocate for smarter ways to design and build (some credit her as being instrumental with the creation of the now popular green prefab category),” saying that: “She doesn’t do it by quietly building one house at a time, she does it by telling a story to people who want to hear it, by connecting a tribe of people who are desperate to be connected to each other, by leading a movement and making a change.”

The main idea Seth Godin expresses is that leaders are within all of us, they challenge current situations, build cultures, connect people and commit to a cause!

Video source: Godin, S. (2009), The tribes we lead, TED Talks

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