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PMA 2014 Conference – Overview Day 3, 27th of June

PMA 2014 Conference – Overview Day 3

27th June 2014 was the 3rd and last day of the 8th Edition of the Performance Management Association Conference, hosted by the Aarhus University, in Denmark.

The conference day started with a keynote presentation, by Professor Andy Neely, of the Cambridge University and Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance. Dubbed Next generation Performance Management & Measurement: the Big data revolution, the presentation showed how the current perspective in performance management has become too narrow and brought attention to the need for innovation.

After the common session, as practiced in the previous days, the presentations branched into to 3 parallel tracks.

In Track 1, participants could have attended the following presentations, which were roughly related to organizational behavior and performance measurement issues, as highlighted by the following titles:

  • Variations in the Circumplex Model of Affect Across Contexts“ presented by Professors Dan Mønster, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, Jacob Eskildsen, Børge Obel, from the Aarhus University, along with  Richard Burton, from Duke University, and Linda Argote, from the Carnegie Mellon University;
  • Beyond Performance Measurement: Contribution Measurement“ presented by Farhad Shafti of the University of Strathclyde;

PMA 2014 Conference – Day 3

  • Uncertainty assessment of performance indicators“ by Marcello Cavallare, Sergio Sousa, Eusébio Nunes, from UMINHO;
  • Designing the approach for assessment the implemented Performance Management Systems“ by Tarmo Kadak, of the Tallinn University of Technology;
  • Future of Performance Measurement and Management: an Empirical Evidence“ by Sai Nudurupati, of the Manchester Metropolitan University, Patrizia Garengo, from the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padua, Umit Bititci, of the Herriot Watt University and Alberto Sardi also from the Department of Industrial Engineering, of the University of Padua;
  • Strategic decisions creation-implementation process: An empirical study“ by Samer Abdulhadi, Andrey Pavlov, both from the Cranfield University;

PMA 2014 Conference – Day 3

  • The Role of Performance-Driven Behaviour in the High Performance Organisation by Professor André de Waal, from the Maastricht School of Management and Béatrice I. J. M. van der Heijden, from the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Shifting over to Track 2, the following presentations were included, with topics from municipal strategic management to the implications of culture in performance management systems, as follows:

  • What about municipal strategic management and performance measurement“ by Krister Bredmar, from the University of Gothenburg’s School of Business;
  • Increasing flexibility and performance orientation with Relative Performance Contracting“ by Franz Wirnsperger, of the University of St. Gallen;
  • Influence of Culture and management systems on PMS“ by Fateha Shaheen, along with Sai Nudurupati, and David Petty, all from the Manchester Metropolitan University ;

PMA 2014 Conference – Day 3

  • Extended enterprise performance management: a value co-creation perspective“ presented by Wilma Bobbink, from the University of Twente, and Andreas Hartmann, from the same;
  • Using guest feedback for managing the performance in a hotel“ by Joachim Sandt, from the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) Business School, and Christoph Hoffmann, from the EDGE Hotel School of the University of Essex;
  •  “Lean Lifelong Learning – Case Sweden“ by Raine Isaksson, from the Uppsala University, along with Rickard Garvare, of the Luleå University of Technology, Mikael Johnson, from the Karlstad University, Christer Kuttainen, of the NLL County Council, and Jörg Pareis, also from the Karlstad University.

PMA 2014 Conference – Day 3

Meanwhile, Track 3 brought on the following presentations:

  • Evidence for the Performance Prism in Higher Education“ by Stacy Smulowitz from The University of Scranton;
  • Review of Factors Affecting Performance Measurement System Implementation“ by Heather Keathley and Eileen Van Aken, from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, along with  Geert Letens, of the Department of Economics, Management and Leadership at the Royal Military Academy, Belgium;
  • Chronology of the Organizational Performance Measurement Research“ by Julio Carneiro da Cunha, Flávio Hourneaux Jr., from the Nove de Julho University along with Hamilton Corrêa from the University of São Paulo;
  • Performance Measurement Systems and Organisational Performance: literature review“ brought by Magdalena Pârţac and Lester Lloyd-Reason from the Anglia Ruskin University, with Francis Greene from Birmingham University;
  • Developing a neuropsychological measurement instrument to capture workplace-learning“ by Yvonne Lagrosen, University West, and  Fred Travis, from the Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition at the Maharishi University of Management;

PMA 2014 Conference – Day 3

  • Relationship between Trust, Distributed Leadership and Job Performance in Health Care Context: Exploring the mediating role of Job Satisfaction“ by Ajay K. Jain, from the Department of Human Behavior and Organization Development, of the Management Development Institute Gurgaon, India; along with Franziska Guenzel-Jensen, of the Aarhus University;
  • Performance management practices and elderly care“ by Jannis Angelis, from the Royal Institute of Technology, along with Henrik Jordahl, from the Research Institute of Industrial Economics.

The conference came to an end, with a closing remarks session, hosted by Professor Rick Edgeman, from ICOA and the Aarhus University, along with Professor Andy Neely, of the University of Cambridge, Professor Jacob Eskildsen, ICOA and Aarhus University, and Professor Børge Obel, ICOA, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University.

Insights on organizational and personal performance from Andy Neely, Director of Cambridge Service Alliance
Discussing the future of performance management and measurement - Sai S. Nudurupati, Patrizia Garengo, Umit S. Bititci and Alberto Sardi, at the PMA 2014 Conference

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