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Meditation and life balance at the 14th Annual HR Directors Business Summit 2016


The PERFORMANCE Management team was present at the HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, United Kingdom, between 2 – 4 February, 2016. Consequently, the insights gathered from experts present at the event had been gathered and exposed here, in a series of interviews and articles.

Rohan Gunatillake, producer, entrepreneur and adviser, highlighted how large corporations invest billions of dollars in marketing and advertising with the sole purpose of getting our attention and convincing us to buy their products, how connected we are with technology and how we live in a world of distraction.

Rohan tries to take useful meditation techniques and adapt them to the dynamics of the digitized environment, in order for us to be able to achieve well-being. Mindfulness or the concept of living in the present and be totally aware of what you are doing at any moment of the day can help us better cope with difficult situations and pave the road towards well-being. Technology is indeed a huge distraction, but given the reality of our times, we should not ignore it; instead, it is better to know how to use it to suit our purposes.

4 simple techniques for 4 challenges were offered to ensure we maintain our positive energy:

  1. The Mindful Cyborg – for relaxation

Traditionally, this technique refers to concentrating all your attention over your body, so that you can hear and feel your breathing, feel the heaviness of your hands and you start to slowly increase corporal awareness. But as we are always on the move, this technique may not be easily applicable everywhere, all the time.

However, it appears to have the same effects, if for example you start focusing on what you are doing at the moment. If you are holding the phone in your hand concentrate on feeling the texture of the phone, its edges and weight and slowly feel how the phone becomes part of your body and you can relax for a few minutes.

  1. Inbox Addict – for focus

Most of us are distracted by their phones and have developed the habit of constantly checking the inbox. To quell this bad habit, pay attention to how you feel when you are thinking about checking the inbox and by identifying that feeling you will be able to resist the temptation.

  1. Real listening – for connection

We rarely are active listeners, but this ability – truly being present when discussion with people has a significant impact on our relationships, is something we must harness and nurture continuously. In order to practice listening in truly deep fashion, you should listen to the voice of the person, look at their face, observe their body language and your own interaction in the communication process.

  1. Hello Monsters – for coping

Many times we get overwhelmed by our negative feelings, whether it’s anger, frustration or fear. To better cope with these feelings, one should be aware of their emotions, acknowledge and accept them as part of yourself in that moment. Try to detach yourself from your emotions by identifying them with another person.

For example, regarding fear, initiate a short: Hello fear!, as this will help you more easily overcome that moment, as you will have projected all your negative emotions outside yourself through a mental image.

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7 employee engagement drivers from Hermes Parcelnet at the Annual HR Directors Business Summit 2016
Ericsson: Building purpose driven leaders at the Annual HR Directors Business Summit 2016

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