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KPI of the Day – Human Resources (HRM): % Performance appraisals completed on time



Measures the proportion of employee performance appraisals completed as scheduled, from the total number of performance appraisals.


To assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance evaluation process.


At an individual level, performance measurement through employee appraisals and reviews is one of the most commonly found HR management processes. Managers and HR coordinators assess periodically the performance of employees using a structured process such as a formal performance appraisal.

An individual performance review process is more easily conducted when it is based on an objective and coherent evaluation. A sound assessment provides insight into the progress of employees within the organization. Regular appraisals ensure that feedback on individual performance is embraced as a standard and necessary step towards professional integration and development.

A standardized performance review process ensures that performance appraisals are always completed on time, so that, the timeliness and integrity of the subsequent processes in the evaluation process are kept intact.

Several tips on conducting performance appraisals can be mentioned:

  • Encourage open-minded conversations;
  • Provide objective feedback based on actual results;
  • Avoid appraisal biases through 360˚ Review, standardized Performance Evaluation Forms, regular performance monitoring, benchmarking, and uniform rating scales;
  • Ensure that the individual performance review process stays concise, measurable, and focused.

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