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How can governments leverage data to improve performance?

Islam Salahuddin is a data analyst with a strong focus on storytelling and data visualization, growing statistical knowledge, and developing a set of technical skills and tools. As an expert in data analysis at The KPI Institute, Islam leads the generation of research on the domain of data analytics and the development of business analytics toolkits.

Governments can leverage data to improve performance in various ways. One way is through data-driven policy formulation—by analyzing large datasets, governments can identify trends, patterns and correlations that inform the design of effective policies. For example, Barcelona used data on traffic flow and public transportation usage to implement a smart mobility plan, reducing congestion and improving transportation efficiency.

Moreover, data can enhance government service delivery by gathering and analyzing data on the citizens’ needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels. For instance, the Estonian government’s e-Residency program utilizes data to streamline administrative processes for entrepreneurs and foreign investors, improving service quality and attracting international businesses.

Data can also enable predictive analytics to anticipate and respond to emerging issues. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, governments worldwide relied on real-time data to track infection rates, allocate healthcare resources, and implement targeted containment measures.

Furthermore, data can foster transparency and accountability in governance. Governments can make relevant datasets accessible to the public, allowing citizens and researchers to analyze and evaluate government performance. For example, the United States government’s platform provides access to diverse datasets, spurring the creation of data-driven applications and empowering its citizens to hold their government accountable.

This piece was originally published in the Ask Our Experts section of the PERFORMANCE Magazine Issue No. 27, 2023 – Government Edition, where experts provide insightful responses to questions in a Q&A format. 

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