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Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Summit 2013 – Day 1 – Session 5


Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Summit 2013

Ramakrishna Krovvidi, Senior Vice-President of DU UAE, presented a case study on the challenges faced by the company when putting in place aspects such as pay for performance, as well as broader concepts such as developing a performance culture and ensuring alignment between individual and strategic level.

Some of the specific actions taken by DU UAE included:

  • ‘DU Passport’ program – employees can nominate colleagues as Brand Value Champions for internal awards
  • Developed “the DU way” – they defined guiding principles of the organization based on employee workshops
  • Put in place variable compensation, with different percentage for different job groups
  • Conducted a workshop for top executives with external consultant as a step towards improving alignment among the executive team
  • Assessed effectiveness of strategy deployment and strategy awareness through polls and live quizzes
  • Strategy Map communicated in creative manners such as providing pens with small rollups containing DU’s strategy map
  • Performance event where employees are encouraged to request visibility on the organization’s strategy
  • Focused on increasing vertical and horizontal alignment – for instance, they used the 360 degree alignment, which focused on identifying value drivers for certain performance aspects
  • Run a ‘Top 10 Innovators’ campaign to recognize employees with most innovative proposals
  • Embedded the employee engagement concept into the organization by implementing a specific survey and by focusing on action planning
  • Introduced a “Great Manager” award, linking aspects such as brand awareness, employee engagement and financial results
  • Tracked progress in emiratization practices – increasing the percentage of UAE citizens among Du’s workforce.

All these actions were reflected in a revenue increase from 1,537 to 8,885 between 2007 and 2011.

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