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Corporate culture and its ties to performance, explained by Grant Regan, CEO at QaBe Developments


The PERFORMANCE Magazine team was present at the 2014 PMA Conference, held in Aarhus Denmark, courtesy of The KPI Institute’s involvement with the event.

Grant Regan, CEO at QaBe Developments, Canada, and Organizational Development coach gave an interview, where he spoke about Organizational Development and Design, among oher current issues in Performance Management.

He explained how new enterprises are arising worldwide and the challenge becomes the emerging markets, the “next billion”, as he dubbed them.

Grant Regan spoke about the dynamic relationship between larger corporations and this new, crescent market, where he pointed out the need for learning global business. In this relationship, large enterprises need to give support and aid this “next billion” in gaining momentum and drafting their corporate culture.

Also, the CEO isolates some key trends for the year 2014, in the field of Performance Management, where he suggests that corporations are slowly realizing that they’re the solution for the rest of the world, and not the government.

Asked to provide some advice for enterprises looking to implement and operate a successful Performance Management system, Mr Regan stated: “Learn how to design the ideal corporate culture!” pointing out that this is an essential element for a functional organization.

Debating which functional area has a particular approach to Performance Management that brings the best results, Grant Regan maintained that:

  • “There’s so many, and yet not enough”;
  • Singapore is a good example, business wise, due to its focus and development rate.

He claimed that ensuring an efficient Performance Management approach implies taking many organizational variables into account.

To this effect, he mentioned his research, where roughly 7600 organizational components have been found to weigh in on performance, giving the people involved a vast understanding of their corporation.

Pertaining to this topic, Grant Regan states that every individual organization is different, thus, success becomes a matter of choosing to invest in the adequate components for one’s corporation.

Lastly, discussing the popularity of performance measurement in everyday life, Grant Regan acknowledged that, albeit he prefers focusing on the group and the work dynamic, there are benefits to monitoring personal performance.

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