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How can you improve Key Performance Indicator reporting?



Reporting is an important stage in the performance management process, although managers can sometimes fall into the trap of considering it as the end of the performance cycle. However, just reporting performance data will not ensure the improvement of results. Improvement is only possible when decisions are made based on the insights provided by data.

Top six reasons to start using key performance indicators


key performance indicators

Measurement is an activity which emerged thousands of years ago, driven by the human curiosity to know more about the environment and to understand how the world works. In time, our world has evolved to become more and more complex, pressuring us to constantly refine our measurement tools and techniques.

Today, we see organizations as ecosystems and we act accordingly to our desire to know more and to better understand this environment. Nowadays, challenges are not about accessing information, as most companies are managing large volumes of data. The challenge is to decide what data is the most important for decision making? In this context, key performance indicators (KPIs) are very useful tools to provide:


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