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Understanding the potential and impact of workplace super apps


Technology reshaped work, communication, collaboration, and task automation, driving enhanced productivity and increased internal efficiency, as indicated in a 2022 overview of digital transformation in business. One of the results of digitization is the creation of workplace super apps. A 2023 Infopulse article states that the term “super app” was defined in 2010 by BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis as “a closed ecosystem of many apps.” The concept has since gained more prominence through Chinese super products like WeChat and Alipay. 

The evolution from single-purpose to multipurpose applications introduced a versatile solution—the aforementioned workplace super app—that seamlessly integrates essential tools and features for both office-based and frontline employees. As highlighted by AgilityPortal in a 2023 article, organizations adopt super apps to enhance workplace productivity.  

Practical application of workplace super apps

As highlighted in a 2023 article by Kyanon Digital, a super app can offer creative solutions that can be customized to fit multiple industries’ needs. This is apparent in the case of how Aruba Networks, a leading technology solutions provider, actively pursues innovation and creativity to enhance operations. During its 2022 annual conference, the company showcased its forward-thinking approach by seamlessly uniting both in-person and remote attendees, including employees from Aruba Networks and external participants. This remarkable achievement was made possible through their partnership with CXApp, a renowned provider of event and workplace management solutions. CXApp offered a versatile, all-in-one event management platform—a super app. This customized, multipurpose app had a host of useful features (see Figure 1). 

Figure 1. Top features of CXApp’s event management platform | Source: adapted from CXApp, 2022

The indoor navigation feature ensures that in-person participants would not lose their way within the extensive event space. For virtual attendees, there was a virtual innovation zone designed to replicate the immersive 3D experience of the in-person version. 

Also, an exclusive activity stream was available solely to attendees, providing a platform for content sharing. Participants were encouraged to provide instant feedback via surveys for each session, contributing to the continuous improvement of the event’s offerings. 

Moreover, the gamification feature aimed to boost interactivity by offering participants the opportunity to win prizes. All of these features meant that each attendee enjoyed a personalized agenda, ensuring that their experience was catered to their unique interests. 

Measuring the performance of workplace super apps

How can leaders determine if implementing a super app truly yields positive outcomes? By evaluating its performance using specific metrics. 

As emphasized by Brightscout, key performance indicators (KPIs) are commonly employed to measure how well web and mobile applications perform. Since a super app includes multiple apps within it, KPIs can also be used to clearly quantify how well a workplace super app is performing and contributing to business goals. 

Monitoring KPIs helps evaluate the company’s performance before and after implementing the workplace super app. For instance, tracking employee engagement indicates their involvement in daily tasks, and enhancing it through live chat, gamification, and the automated meeting scheduling features of the super app can speed up response times. Moreover, when the workplace super app operates efficiently, planned downtimes are reduced. This surplus time enhances the likelihood of projects meeting their deadlines and reduces the time taken to address business partners’ needs due to synchronized project progress. Consequently, with increased employee efficiency and performance facilitated by improved engagement through the super app, revenue generation experiences a significant boost.       

Managing workplace super app risks

While workplace super apps provide various advantages within the business realm, they also entail certain risks. Multiple articles (Baskaran, Supraja, et al., 2023; Ota, Fernando Kaway Carvalho, et al., 2023; Vinit, Choudhary, 2023) suggest that one of the most prominent risks involves data security and privacy issues. To address these issues, organizations can implement adequate security measures, such as code obfuscation, encryption, and runtime application self-protection (RASP), with the help of an expert, as suggested by Guardsquare.

Before choosing to implement a workplace super app, business leaders should carefully consider its benefits and potential drawbacks. For organizations already utilizing a workplace super app, employing KPIs is recommended to accurately evaluate its performance. 

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