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The KPI Institute celebrates two decades of excellence in research, strategy, and performance


For more than 20 years, the KPI Institute (TKI) has been a pioneer in the field of strategy and performance management, known worldwide for setting the global standard in structured knowledge and foundational principles across a diverse range of sectors.

TKI was founded in 2004 by its CEO, Dr. Aurel Brudan, and it has evolved into a multi-disciplinary ecosystem across its two-decades-long existence. What began as a company that provided balanced scorecard (BSC) implementation eventually grew into a world-class provider of educational programs. It has since grown further, establishing new ecosystems—each with its own companies and brands—to share in its continued success. 

Today, TKI holds a notable reputation for being a leading global research institute dedicated to defining standards and advancing the field of strategy and performance management. 

Accomplishments as a research pioneer

Across its more than 20-year lifespan, TKI has published over 250 research reports, partnered with over 40 global organizations, and delivered educational programs to over 29,000 participants in 60 countries. The institute’s mission to empower the world to achieve performance excellence is evident in its commitment to making world-class education accessible by offering its courses in three formats: face-to-face, live-online, and self-paced. 

TKI also offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Performance. The most complex program in the institute’s portfolio, it aims to empower the next generation of business leaders with mastery over strategic planning, performance measurement, data analysis and reporting, and strategy execution in dynamic markets. 

One of the institute’s most recognizable accomplishments is With 21,000+ key performance indicators (KPIs) across 24 documentation fields, it is the largest collection of properly documented performance metrics in the entire world. The database is the result of thorough, ongoing research conducted by TKI and continues to be updated to keep pace with the ever-changing times.

Since 2022, TKI has released its State of Management Practices, a comprehensive annual report that examines pressing current issues, trends, and challenges affecting strategy planning and execution as well as KPI implementation. 

Another notable publication from TKI is the Government Services Index, a comprehensive report that takes a deep look at the foundational elements that contribute to the success of public services while aligning them with globally recognized KPIs. The index assesses the capability of governments to deliver public services in five key dimensions: Future Readiness, Digitalization, Governance, Society Welfare, and Citizen Experience. It covers 100+ countries across five world regions, highlighting the top performers in each region and dimension.

TKI also publishes Performance Magazine, which features articles, case studies, expert interviews, and industry insights that cover topics like strategic planning and execution, performance measurement, and data analysis. The quarterly publication reaches thousands of subscribers and partner organizations worldwide and is a source of insightful information and best practices for professionals across a wide array of industries. 

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