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Posts Tagged ‘Predictive Analytics’

Digital Analytics: redefining business performance


In the digital world, the need to better understand marketing actions has generated the apparition of a new concept: analytics. One year after Forbes proclaimed 2014 the year of the analytics, the importance of the discipline has not dropped one bit: with the ever increasing role of the digital element in our lives, marketers continue to require insights into what the impact of their campaigns is, how users respond to marketing messages, or how often websites are visited, and so on.

Using analytics to predict the World Cup winner


World Cup 2014 winner odds

At the beginning of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, speculations were, as always, intense about who is going to win, this time around. As the most important sporting event in the football world was about to start, the sheer number of global audiences it gathers was bound to lead to a vast array of biased or unbiased predictions for its final outcome. Needless to say, it most definitely did.


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