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On talent pipeline optimisation with Bill Lawry, at the HR Summit and Expo 2014


On talent pipeline optimisation with Bill Lawry at HR Summit and Expo 2014

The presentation “Talent pipeline optimisation: Ensuring your talented people realise their potential” was held, on the first day of the HR Summit and Expo, by Bill Lawry, Managing Consultant at Nurturing Winners International.

One of the main aspects to focus on when it comes to helping the talented people reach their potential is, according to Bill Lawry, knowing those employees that have a high potential and nurturing this potential. His recommendations in this direction are coaching and talent scout, in order to identify not only employees’ competencies and abilities, but also their behaviors, in terms of engagement and aspirations.

Bill Lawry has identified some pillars in the talent pipeline optimization, such as employee relationship and employees’ trust in the organizational commitment.

When it comes to the management’s role and implication in the matter, Bill Lawry acknowledges its important role and considers that employee rotation on management positions could be a solution when a company faces a faulty management.

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