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Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Summit 2013 – Day 1– Session 6 (Government stream)


Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Summit 2013

Dr. Guidoum from ADWEA, a water electricity governmental conglomerate, presented a case study on “Driving Value Creation and Total Alignment Through Communication, Education and Engagement at ADWEA”.

Some of the key ideas discussed included:

  • Internally, ADWEA has gone through several reorganizations
  • Externally, ADWEA has been facing growth in the electricity demand, growth which is projects to still increased through 2020; UAE also has among the highest levels of power consumption globally; they conducted special research and identified the air conditioning systems as main sources of consumption
  • Two of their most relevant KPIs are # Duration of power interruptions and # Frequency of power interruptions
  • ADWEA developed an organizational mission, vision and a strategy focused on the following aspects:

– Culture & mindset – Human capital management – Asset management – Project management – Strategy management

  • One of the biggest challenges is managing change; ADWEA decided not only to have a reactive approach of compliance towards government rules but to also take the opportunity for a transformational opportunity
  • They adapted the Kaplan Norton strategy execution framework and also identified strategic themes labeled as Growth & Sustainability, Customer Focus, Operational Excellence and High Performing Organization; For each of these they defined “theme teams”, at different hierarchical levels; they have also put in place an ASTRO bootcamp, where they try to break silo thinking and further encourage employee participation
  • They highly leveraged communication in the strategy execution faze; for this purpose, they conducted a communication survey, developed a communication strategy, identified a variety of communication channels and then designed the communication materials
  • Used tools such as learning map, strategy cards and strategy video.

Some of the key lessons learned were:

  • Find a way to create a sense of urgency
  • Brand the effort of changing the strategy – name, logo, tagline, etc.
  • Build a team of strategy experts to facilitate the process
  • Be patient with people
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