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Migrating from organizational to personal performance. Useful or not?


Ever since Performance Management has made its entrance into the world stage, a stubborn resistance towards it continues to persist.

How far are we going to take this process? Where will it stop? How many more levels of our lives will it invade any further? These are just some of the questions that reluctant voices continue to raise.

Focus – the key success factor for boosting productivity


One quick glance around business offices these days and you might notice that the simple activity of focusing has become one of the most demanding actions to be undertaken while at work. Reducing it all to the most common denominator, we can see that nowadays, employees face an increasing daily bombardment of audio-visual distraction techniques.

Daniel Goleman, author & science journalist, has reported that the wide variety of gadgets, text messages, or e-mails can be certainly perceived as threats, who’s opinion is that focusing represents the most important key success factor in our professional lives.

Body Language: Shaping Business Success


Business schools worldwide, management pros and all sorts of success gurus give reasonable lecture on tips and techniques for upping your game, nailing negotiations and attaining professional success. Although promising, all these entail some sort of strategy, hack or sustained effort in order to achieve the coveted performance.


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