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Using analytics to predict the World Cup winner


World Cup 2014 winner odds

At the beginning of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, speculations were, as always, intense about who is going to win, this time around. As the most important sporting event in the football world was about to start, the sheer number of global audiences it gathers was bound to lead to a vast array of biased or unbiased predictions for its final outcome. Needless to say, it most definitely did.

KPIs in a complex world: Can they describe everything?


KPI Achievement Goals

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important tool for businesses, enabling organizations to measure their results and to compare them to the pre-set goals. If well designed and implemented, KPIs provide an accurate measurement of the company’s performance, allowing decision makers to guide the organization towards achieving its strategic objectives.

Advice on KPI documentation and configuration


KPI documentation and configuration Performance Architect update 44/2011

Configuring KPIs following their selection is represented by the documentation of the complete set of relevant details for each KPI and the activation of KPIs so that data can be reported and analyzed.

1. Link KPIs upstream with business objectives and downstream with organizational initiatives. KPIs should be connected to organizational objective as they make objectives SMART. Initiatives should be establish to support the achievement of objectives by improving KPI results.


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