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April 21st, 2015              
      Announcements - What is new in the field.
Next week, The KPI Institute will launch its annual report "Performance Management in 2014"!
12 interviews. 232 countries analyzed for legislation in the field. 30 university degrees and 70 subjects related to the field. Roughly 100 best-selling books and 100 latest published books. 88 performance-related academic articles. Software solutions providers ranked on different criteria.
  Coming soon:
  • Performance Management in 2014 - GCC Special Edition
  • Performance Management in 2014 - ASEAN Special Edition

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      Jobs - Performance Management related roles around the world.
  Performance Manager - Industry: Construction - Residential & Commercial/Office
Location: North York, ON, Canada

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Expert Interviews
  Interviews with Performance Management specialists around the world.
Featured Articles
  Articles based on research and analysis in the Performance Management field.
  Academic: Christoph Hoffmann, Vice Principal of EDGE Hotel School, University of Essex
Watch the interview here
  Innovating through benchmarking: rapid product development
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  Practitioner: Sanjay Purohit - VP Corporate Planning and Business Assurance, Infosys Technologies, India
Watch the interview here
Train right, perform well! Fitness trends and best practices
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  Consultant: Tor Bøe-Lillegraven, Head of CCI Business Consulting
Watch the interview here
  Customer Service performance: the link between organizations and customers
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1. What message do you want to send with your KPIs?
Discussion on the impact of KPIs on organizations

2. 25 KPIs for the Accounting Department
Examples of KPIs and good practices for Accounting
Join the Conversation
  Over 15.000 members discuss Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, Business Intelligence and Analytics in engaging conversations.
3. What is content marketing?
Insights on the importance of good content for marketing
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    Why use data visualization?
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How to activate KPIs?
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Ask the Experts
  Frequently asked questions about Performance Management and the experts' answers.
What is strategic planning?
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Thinkers on Education
  The profiles of famous thinkers on education, as featured by UNESCO in "PROSPECTS: Quarterly review of comparative education".
Upcoming Courses
  Relevant upcoming courses in the Performance Management field.
  Jaspers, Karl (1883-1969)   Dubai Certified Benchmarking Professional
  German psychiatrist and philosopher
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  24-26 May 2015
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  Jovellanos, Gaspar Melchor de (1744-1811)   Dubai Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner
  Spanish neoclassical statesman, author and philosopher
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  31 May - 4 June 2015
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  Jullien de Paris, Marc-Antoine (1775-1848)   Abu Dhabi Certified KPI Practitioner
  French revolutionary and man of letters
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  2-3 September 2015
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Stephen Cummings, Duncan Angwin,
Strategy Builder: How to create and communicate more effective strategies
Derek Viner,
Occupational Risk Control: Predicting and Preventing the Unwanted
  The most recent books on Performance Management.
Tacy M. Byham, Richard S. Wellins,
Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others

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  Recommended documentaries related to the field.
  Recommended movies related to the field.

  The Human Face of Big Data
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  The Imitation Game
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  A worldwide synopsis on what is new in PERFORMANCE management and integration across countries.
Performance Framework at Ontario Energy Board. Case study: Entegrus
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Crystal clear performance - Tallinna Vesi
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  Hong Kong
Managing performance within the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Monitoring performance at governmental level: Government of Kerala
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Already winning the gold: performance in Tokyo
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Envisioning the future: Dubai 2021 Strategic Plan
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The performance of an English railway company
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Improving performance in the City of Seattle
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