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January 27th, 2015              
      Announcements - What is new in the field.
Free webinar - Key PERFORMANCE Trends in 2015
  In this webinar, Aurel Brudan, the CEO of The KPI Institute, will present an outlook for 2015 when it comes to the evolution of Performance Management as a discipline. Some of the topics covered are the rise of Big Data and Analytics, new trends in Business Intelligence software, as well as the link between organizational and personal performance.
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      Jobs - Performance Management related roles around the world.
  Senior Specialist - Organizational Culture and Performance Management;
Location: Dubai, UAE; Industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Expert Interviews
  Interviews with Performance Management specialists around the world.
Featured Articles
  Articles based on research and analysis in the Performance Management field.
  Academic: José Francisco Rezende, Associate Professor, Unigranrio University, Brazil
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  Performing well in the fight against criminality: the Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime
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  Practitioner: Richard Tordjaman, Strategic Advisor Business IT, Desjardins, Canada
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  The big university competition of 2014
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  Consultant: Teresita Villanueva, Managing Director, TAV Systems, Inc., Philippines
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  The sustainable workforce: beyond the cost of an unfilled vacancy
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1. I am looking for KPIs applicable to not-for-profit membership medical associations.
Examples and pieces of advice on using these specific KPIs.
2. What Performance Management Tools do you use to achieve excellence?
Insights on the Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence model.
Join the Conversation
  Over 15.000 members discuss Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, Business Intelligence and Analytics in engaging conversations.
3. Performance Evaluation in SCRUM Environment
Information on how to design a performance evaluation methodology in the specified context.
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    How can you improve KPI reporting?
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Data analysis. What, why and when?
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Ask the Experts
  Frequently asked questions about Performance Management and the experts' answers.
How can you decide what to benchmark on?
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Thinkers on Education
  The profiles of famous thinkers on education, as featured by UNESCO in "PROSPECTS: Quarterly review of comparative education".
Upcoming Courses
  Relevant upcoming courses in the Performance Management field.
  Grundtvig, N.F.S. (1783-1872)   Dubai KPI Professional and Practitioner Certification
  Danish pastor, author, poet, philosopher, historian, teacher and politician.
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  22-26 February 2015
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  Grzegorzewska, Maria (1888-1967)   Dubai Certified Performance Improvement Professional
  A Polish educator, who helped bring the special education movement to Poland.
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  1-3 March 2015
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  Hegel, Georg (1770-1831)   Istanbul KPI Professional and Practitioner Certification
  German philosopher, a major figure in the German idealism.
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  23-27 March 2015
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Ray Aldag, Loren Kuzuhara,
Creating High Performance Teams: Applied Strategies and Tools for Managers and Team Members
Lynn T Drennan, Allan McConnell, Alastair Stark,
Risk and Crisis Management in the Public Sector
  The most recent books on Performance Management.
Darrin Wiggins,
Goal Setting: 21 Days To Achieving Life Changing Goals And Being Happy Happy Happy
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  Recommended documentaries related to the field.
  Recommended movies related to the field.

  Capitalism: A Love Story
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  Boiler Room
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  A worldwide synopsis on what is new in PERFORMANCE management and integration across countries.
Setting targets in public transportation: performance enabler or risk trigger?
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Performance Framework at Ontario Energy Board. Case study: Entegrus
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Performance Management in the Government of China - a success story
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Crystal clear performance - Tallinna Vesi
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Singapore Changi Airport - A travel experience in itself
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Envisioning the future: Dubai 2021 Strategic Plan
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Performing well in the fight against criminality: the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime
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The ride for performance - Portland Streetcar
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