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What is an Individual Performance Plan?

Individual Performance Scorecard

The Individual performance plan (IPP) is an instrument used to establish performance expectations and to support the performance evaluation of each employee. Employees how don’t know what is expected from them or how “performance” looks like, are more likely to be disengaged and less productive.

An IPP is based on 3 core components: the Individual Performance Scorecard, the Competencies Framework and the Behavior Framework.

Individual Performance Scorecards include the quantitative performance criteria as they provide a collection of Key Performance Indicators relevant for a specific job position. The Competencies and Behaviors Frameworks rely more on qualitative evaluations, in regards to the competency levels achieved by the employee and the behaviors exhibited.

Based on how much of the individual performance plan is achieved, a personal development plan can be further set in place to facilitate the professional progress of the employee.

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