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May 24, 2016              
      Announcements - What is new in the field.
13 interviews, answered by Performance Management professionals from all around the world, reveal the state of the discipline in 2015 and current trends from names such as Etisalat, Nestle and Ericsson, among others.

Government implementation of Performance Management Systems within the public sector is currently stalling, with a number of 145 countries - the same as in 2014, having such a system set in place. However, changes have been noted in the majority of the assessed nations, as the decision-making process further develops and small steps are still taken to improve the performance of most countries.

The Performance Management in 2015 report has opened a new chapter, entitled Global Insights. The section comprises insights into public performance, coming from the world's leading nations, in terms of performance.
  • Discover the latest trends in Performance Management
  • Obtain insights from top professionals and leaders in the discipline
  • See how Performance Management trends evolved during the past year
  • Find out salary levels and career trends in Performance Management
  • See what software solutions performed best in the previous year
  • See what educational programs and events are available worldwide
Available in two formats:
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      Jobs - Performance Management related roles around the world.
  Manager, Performance Improvement; Location: Oakland, California, United States of America; Industry
Industry: Health Care.

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KPI reporting tools design: Scorecards and Dashboards
June 2nd | 11 AM GMT
KPI Selection techniques
June 23rd | 11 AM GMT
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Expert Interviews
  Interviews with Performance Management specialists around the world.
Featured Articles
  Articles based on research and analysis in the Performance Management field.
  Academic: Zainab Mohammed, CEO Property Management & Marketing, wasl, United Arab Emirates
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  YouTube marketing: what's in it for your business?
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  Practitioner: Zaid Al Huneidi, Market Research Manager, the Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait
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  Long term conditions for Customer Service
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  Consultant: Ken Han, CEO/Co-founder, Metaplan, China
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  The "John Oliver Effect" as new breed of entertainment
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Tenacity Beats Waiting in Sales
When it comes to sales, self-belief and tenacity make people successful.
The Essential Systems to Entrench Good Performance Measurement
For performance measurement to become organizationally entrenched, it's the non-technical systems that matter most.
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    The importance of core values in building a powerful business
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Achieving performance in the training industry
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Ask the Experts
  Frequently asked questions about Performance Management and the experts' answers.
Mindfulness: One step closer to personal performance
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Thinkers on Education
  The profiles of famous thinkers on education, as featured by UNESCO in "PROSPECTS: Quarterly review of comparative education".
Upcoming Courses
  Relevant upcoming courses in the Performance Management field.
  Binet, Alfred (1857-1911)   Washington, Certified KPI Professional
  On education and children, in less fortunate circumstances
Read more
  22 - 24 June 2016
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  Fukuzawa, Yukichi (1835-1901)   London, Certified KPI Professional
  Introducing Western institutions and thought into Japan
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  11 - 13 July 2016
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  Dawid, Jan Wladyslaw (1859-1914)   Jakarta Key Performance Indicators Masterclass
  The complete lifecycle of dedication towards education
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  18 - 18 July 2016
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Antonio Davila,
Performance Measurement and Management Control: Behavioral Implications and Human Actions
Murat Erder, Pierre Pureur,
Continuous Architecture: Sustainable Architecture in an Agile and Cloud-Centric World
  The most recent books on Performance Management.
W. Edwards Deming,
Out of the Crisis (MIT Press)
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  Recommended documentaries related to the field.
  Recommended movies related to the field.

  Mind Over Money (2010)
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  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2012)
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  A worldwide synopsis on what is new in PERFORMANCE management and integration across countries.
A Malaysian Story: The Balanced Scorecard and Health Service
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  United States of America
Creating a Better Education System with the Balanced Scorecard
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  United Kingdom
The Sector-led improvement program: building desire for improvement
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  South Korea
South Korea's National Pension System: coverage gaps and gaming
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Meet Baidu, my growth superhero
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The National Library of Australia: The better practice in performance reporting
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