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How engaging disengaged leaders will improve employee engagement
It seems as though there are too many managers out there that believe there are only two ways in which a business can be run, and a team led. They either focus on the business, and neglect employees or vice versa. It seems to be a one-or-the-other kind of culture when it comes to engaged managers, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Not sure how to transform your disengaged managers into balanced and comprehensive leaders? Here’s everything you need to know
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Migrating from organizational to personal performance. Useful or not?
Ever since Performance Management has made its entrance into the world stage, a stubborn resistance towards it continues to persist. However, instead of erecting barriers, we should be asking ourselves to what extent do we consider ourselves to be ambitious, competitive, SMART?
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Measuring training performance through customer service satisfaction
Providing a training program in a service center means gaining skills and knowledge that lead to high performance, which entails having a high Customer Service Satisfaction in an efficient way at low costs. If the training is not perceived like that from the agent’s part and the management team, something has to change, otherwise you might start losing customers.
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Free upcoming webinar on Performance Management 
There is no better time to discuss the changes in perspective of KPIs and Performance Management Systems than the present. Especially nowadays, when the macroeconomic contexts in which organizations operate in are changing at a faster rate than ever. 

In our next webinar, will discuss how to better adapt your company to the ever-changing business environment.  Free participation, but registration is needed. Join here!
Tools of Trade - FAQs about Performance Management tools

Balanced Scorecard software selection: making the right investment
When choosing the right Balanced Scorecard software for an organization, there are a few issues to be considered. Software set-up, design, configuration and technicality are just some of the dimensions to be analyzed during the Balanced Scorecard software selection process. In this article, we’ll be looking at these and other important aspects to take note of when choosing your preferred BSC software
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KPIs and sustainability performance at the Johnson Matthey Company
Johnson Matthey is an international special chemicals company underpinned by science, technology and its people. A leader in sustainable technologies, many of the group’s products enhance the quality of life of millions through their beneficial impact on the environment, human health and wellbeing. Technology leadership forms the basis of Johnson Matthey’s strategy to deliver superior long term growth, and a solid performance strategy, with KPIs at its core ensure this growth is sustainable.
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