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  February 26th, 2014              
      Announcements - What is new in the field.
  The KPI Institute is pleased to announce the launch of Performance Management in 2013, the second from a series of annual publications that provides an overview on the state of the discipline. 20 interviews with specialists, more than 200 countries and territories reviewed for country legislation, 200 books on Performance Management, 30 keywords analyzed for trends in search, 20 performance related university degrees around the world, all in an extensive Performance Management resource.
  The report is now available in two formats:
    Electronic (free)
    Paper copy ($13 USD)
      Jobs - Performance Management related roles around the world.
  Performance and Business Improvement Manager, Industry: Construction - Industrial Facilities, Leicestershire, UK
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Expert Interviews
  Interviews with specialists around the world.
Featured Articles
  Articles based on research and analysis in the Performance Management field.
  Academic: Expert Interview - Carmine Bianchi, Full Professor of Business & Public Management, University of Palermo, Italy
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  Social Media KPIs - Facebook and Twitter
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  Practitioner: Expert Interview - Luana Patacconi, Organisational Development Manager, European Space Agency, Netherlands
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  5 trends in the USA Federal Performance Management
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  Consultant: Expert Interview - Gary Cokins, Founder and CEO, Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC, USA
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  Innovation in big data
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  For more interviews access our report Performance Management in 2013.   For more articles access our blog.
    1. Dangers of KPIs
The importance of choosing the right KPIs.

2. What KPIs are suggested for the R&D department for new product development?
Examples of R&D KPIs.
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  Over 11.000 members discuss Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, Business Intelligence and Analytics in engaging conversations.
3. Need advice about KPIs case studies and Performance Management text books?
Suggestions for KPIs and frameworks.
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    What is the difference between metrics, KPIs and KRIs?
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Which are the challenges in setting targets?
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Ask the Experts
  Frequently asked questions about Performance Management and the experts' answers.
What techniques to use to select KPIs?
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For more similar articles, access the Ask the Experts section of our blog.
Thinkers on Education
  The profiles of famous thinkers on education, as featured by UNESCO in "PROSPECTS: Quarterly review of comparative education".
Upcoming Courses
  Relevant upcoming courses in the Performance Management field.
  Binet, Alfred (1857-1911)   Istanbul KPI Professional Certification
  Educator and psychologist, co-creator of the Binet-Simon intelligence test.
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  2-4 April 2014
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  Bloom, Benjamin (1913-1999)   Singapore KPI Professional Certification
  Author of the "Taxonomy of educational objectives".
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  15-17 April 2014
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  Blonsky, P. Petrovich (1884-1941)   Melbourne KPI Professional Certification
  Author of many books on the mental development of children.
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  21-23 May 2014
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  For more profiles access the Education and Learning section of our site.   For more courses, keep in touch with our site:
    Jason Colquitt, Jeffery LePine & Michael Wesson,
Organizational Behavior: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace
Lawrence Maisel & Gary Cokins,
Predictive Business Analytics: Forward Looking Capabilities to Improve Business Performance
  The most recent books on Performance Management.
Edward J. Anderson,
Business Risk Management: Models and Analysis
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  Recommended documentaries related to the field.
  Recommended movies related to the field.
  BBC Horizon 2013 The Age of Big Data Watch here   Ressources Humaines (Human Resources) For more information click here
  Analysis on different types of surveys.
Data visualization
  Analysis on scorecards, dashboards, strategy maps and infographics.
  Customer Satisfaction
Performance Expo: Customer Satisfaction Survey - Alshaya Retail
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Performance Expo: Scorecard for engineering research - Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
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  Employee Engagement
Performance Expo: Employee Engagement Survey - The Scottish Government
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Performance Expo: Dashboard for public administration - Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency
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  Employee Satisfaction
Performance Expo: Employee Satisfaction Survey - Resource Kitchen Restaurant, USA
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  Strategy Map
Performance Expo: Strategy Map in Healthcare - Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps
Read more

  Training Evaluation
Performance Expo: Training Evaluation Survey used in Healthcare - Barwon Medicare Local, Mental Health Skills Training
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Top 8 ways to use video to market your business online - Infographic
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  To read more, access the Surveys section of our blog.   To read more, access the Data visualization section of our blog.
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Top 20 KPIs of 2011-2012
Top 25 Water and Sewage KPIs of 2011-2012
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