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Performance Magazine, 10th Edition is out!
In our 10th issue of PERFORMANCE Magazine, we shall delve into the professional life of Marta Kondryn, Head of People at Mindvalley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who has over 10 years of experience in the field and believes that a company’s greatest asset is its manpower.

Among other notable pieces of content, you'll find articles that focus on the importance of having an HR scorecard, how you can successfully implement the Internet of Things and what are the differences between metrics, KPIs and KRIs! Even more so, if you want to learn how you too can foster an efficient dialogue between your employees and managers, make sure to get a copy of our latest edition of PERFORMANCE Magazine!

Content inside the magazine

  • Why is it important to improve your business strategy? Strategy has become, for many organizations, a buzzword, a cliché that everyone has heard about and whose importance is broadly acknowledged, but not everyone can actually name the benefits of a good strategy are and why the organization should pay attention to it. In order to understand the benefits of a good strategy, first we must understand what exactly it refers to. Read more
  • How KPIs changed a government. A Malaysian approach: Nowadays, due to increasing competition in the business world, most of the firms and organizations are obliged to adjust to new ways of enhancing their performance. Malaysia took into consideration these aspects and after 6 decades of continuous performance management initiatives, they decided it was time to employ the use of KPIs in order to reach their desired levels of governmental performance. Read more
  • Improving operational performance at Metro: The metro has become, for large cities at least, one of the most used transportation means. It is fast, affordable and accessible from all areas of the city. Metro Corporation, the operator of the Melbourne rail system, strives to improve its performance even further beyond that, in an attempt to show that not only its parent company can achieve jaw-dropping results in terms of punctuality and delivery. Read more
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Tools of the Trade - FAQs about Performance Management Tools

Key performance indicators in the oil & gas industry – BP Company: British Petroleum (BP) is one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, operating in over 80 countries. Naturally, having such a large company requires a wide assortment of KPIs and BP provides us with transparent data into their operations. Read more

Linking the gamification model to organizational performance: In order to gain a competitive edge, organizations focus more and more on objectives and metrics. Gamification comes as a solution to sustain organizational growth by linking objectives and employees in an engaging environment. Several reports and articles name this trend “the future of managing one’s business”. But what is gamification, and more precisely, why has it become all the rave in recent years? Read more

The Balanced Scorecard. Outsmarting design and implementation traps: Strategy execution is not just a matter of owning the adequate management tools and techniques, but also of making them to work. Various organizations pride themselves on having implemented the Balanced Scorecard as their main tool for effective performance measurement and successful strategy implementation. However, is it enough to merely cite the use of the Balanced Scorecard in order to communicate a performance-oriented culture? Read more

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