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  April 29th, 2014            
      Announcements - What is new in the field.
  Next month, The KPI Institute is launching Performance Magazine, an extensive online resource that will promote the latest updates in the field. The magazine will provide expert inputs, extensive analyses, comprehensive materials, engaging videos and inspiring editorials on Performance Management at all levels.

Bringing the best and latest performance related updates, the content is elaborated to keep readers up-to date, in an upgraded, user-friendly format. With a sleek, new design, the magazine will provide easy access to upbeat professional information.
      Jobs - Performance Management related roles around the world.
  Performance Management Specialist, Industry: HR, Location: Kuwait, Monthly Salary Range: $500 - $1,000
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Expert Interviews
  Interviews with Performance Management specialists around the world.
Featured Articles
  Articles based on research and analysis in the Performance Management field.
  Academic: Nopadol Rompho, Associate Professor, Thammasat University, Thailand
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  Performance Related Pay Schemes in the British Public Service
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  Practitioner: Maria Elena Sanz Ibarra, HR Director, Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, Chile
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  Innovative habit: The use of performance measurements in public sector
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  Consultant: Teresita Villanueva, Managing Director, TAV Systems, Inc., Philippines
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  Motivating High Performing Employees
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  For more interviews access our report Performance Management in 2013.   For more articles access our blog.
    1. Can you please help me build KPIs for a National Sales Manager?
Examples of KPIs for the Sales Manager position.

2. To motivate, better to use positive or negative motivation?
Opinions on the impact of negative feedback.
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  Over 12.000 members discuss Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, Business Intelligence and Analytics in engaging conversations.
3. What are good KPI for measuring a networking engineering organization performance?
Advices on selecting engineering KPIs.

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    How does lifelogging make us more productive?
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How to ensure differentiation between objectives, KPIs and initiatives?
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Ask the Experts
  Frequently asked questions about Performance Management and the experts' answers.
What is an Individual Performance Plan?
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Thinkers on Education
  The profiles of famous thinkers on education, as featured by UNESCO in "PROSPECTS: Quarterly review of comparative education".
Upcoming Courses
  Relevant upcoming courses in the Performance Management field.
  Calasanz, Joseph (1557-1648)   Melbourne KPI Professional Certification
  A great Spanish educator, who founded the Pious schools.
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  21-23 May 2014
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  Claparède, Edouard (1873-1940)   Istanbul KPI Professional Certification
  Genevan psychologist and educational theorist
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  4-6 June 2014
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  Comenius, Jan Amos (1592-1670)   London KPI Professional Certification
  Czech teacher, educator and writer.
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  23-25 June 2014
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  For more profiles access the Education and Learning section of our site.   For more courses, keep in touch with our site:
    Antonio Davila,
Performance Measurement and Management Control: Behavioral Implications and Human Actions

Brian Burke,
Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things
  The most recent books on Performance Management.
Martin Alaimo,
High-Performance Teams: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
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  Recommended documentaries related to the field.
  Recommended movies related to the field.

  The Human Scale
Watch the trailer here
  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
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  Analysis on different types of surveys.
Data visualization
  Analysis on scorecards, dashboards, strategy maps and infographics.
  Customer Satisfaction
Performance Expo: Customer Satisfaction Survey - California Environmental Protection Agency
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Balanced scorecard in public administration: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development January 2014 Housing Scorecard
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  Employee Engagement
Performance Expo: Employee Engagement Survey - The Civil Service
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Performance Expo: Dashboard in Healthcare Industry - Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust
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  Employee Satisfaction
Performance Expo: Employee Satisfaction Survey - Wellness Council of America
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  Strategy Map
Performance Expo: Liverpool John Moore's University Strategy Map 2012-2017
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  Training Evaluation
Performance Expo: Training Evaluation Survey - Iowa ESL Regional Trainings
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25 Skills for excellent customer service - Infographic
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